With its surge of vehement riffs and blast beats, ANTHLISHINDA shines its mystic within extreme metal genre adding black metal sounding and apocalyptic atmosphere. Endorsed by Skull Strings.

FILMMAKING : Chuhastia films
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French Metal Fest by Jean Ahizp

Recorded and mixed by Jean Ahizp
Mastering : BandLab.com/mastering
Jean Ahizp proudly uses Skull Strings

« The song was written for a commercial video to promote a French metal festival, and it was clear that the video required a song in the style of Gojira. I used Toontrack Mario Duplantier’s Rythme sauvage MIDI pack » Jean Ahizp

Lastest video production:

Band : Way for Nothing
Track : « L’onde » from CENDRE5 © & ℗ 2023 Celestine Records
Delivery : Music video
Produced in 2022, released in 2023.